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Last updated Sun, Apr 26, 2015 06:06 PM IST
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 Latest News  Nepal search for survivors as toll exceeds 2,200     Pipe bombs found near Padmanabhaswamy temple     Fresh aftershock jolts Nepal, tremors felt in India     Updated SSLC results out, new pass percentage is 98.56     30 Keralites among Indians returned from Nepal     India will try to wipe the tears of Nepali people: PM Modi     IAF plane brings back 540 Indians stranded in Nepal     Quake toll in India rises to 53, govt to give Rs 2 lakh to kin     Quake triggers Everest avalanche, 18 killed     CPM to contest from Aruvikkara seat     PM speaks to CMs after quake, calls high-level meeting     Elamaram Kareem apologises for remark on disabled     PM travels in Delhi Metro, thanks Sreedharan     Achuthanandan attends CPM state committee meet     Nepal earthquake toll rises to 1,341      Increase Pause Decrease
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