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Last updated Sat, Apr 25, 2015 11:32 PM IST
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 Latest News  Nepal earthquake kills more than 1,130 people     Earthquake: 45 killed, over 100 injured in India     Earthquake triggers Everest avalanche, 18 killed     CPM to contest from Aruvikkara seat     Elamaram Kareem apologises for remark on disabled     PM speaks to CMs after quake, calls high-level meeting     PM travels in Delhi Metro, thanks Sreedharan     Achuthanandan attends CPM state committee meet     Violence breaks out during WB civic polls, 1 shot dead     Ford Foundation: US seeks clarification from India     Obama defends US intel after hostage deaths     Pak activist Sabeen Mehmood shot dead in Karachi     Alam booked under PSA: Protests continue in Kashmir     Rajya Sabha passes private member's bill on transgenders     Farmer's family rejects Kejriwal's apology      Increase Pause Decrease
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