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Badam Mysore Pak 
Rajesh T. G, Executive Chef, Gokulam Park, Kochi
 Story Dated: Thursday, September 18, 2014 13:4 hrs IST 
Badam Mysore Pak
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The delicious Mysore pak with its soft melt-in-the-mouth texture is a traditional and popular sweet, made with ghee and gram flour.
01. Ghee (vanaspati) – 350 ml
02. Gram flour (besan) – 100 g
03. Sugar – 300 g
04. Saffron strands – a pinch
01. Heat 150 ml of ghee in a frying pan.
02. Sauté the gram flour well in it and remove. It should not change colour.
03. Add sugar to the required amount of water and prepare a syrup till it reaches a stringy consistency.
04. Place this syrup on a low flame, and carefully add the fried gram flour into it, little by little. Stir continuously.

05. When all the gram flour has been added, heat the remaining ghee and add it to the mixture, one spoon at a time. Mix well.

06. When it starts bubbling, remove from the fire and pour into a greased wooden tray.
07. Cut into the desired shapes while still hot, to obtain perfectly cut pieces.
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